Lady Marmalade Cat Doll

Lady Marmalade Cat Doll

This doll looks like a couple of my cats. My current oldest cat is a big ole orange tabby male, Pumpkin. He's big, he's lazy, and he's a real schmoozer. My youngest, Mandy, is a skittish little tomgirl, but what a lover she is. I sit down to bead, she jumps up in the chair with me. I lay down to sleep, she cuddles up by my legs.

This pattern requires just 5 colors of beads!

Included with your pattern is the "hardware" you will need to assemble the doll - a metal strip to support the body, plastic tubes to support the legs and arms, and some beads for the joints and paws, as well as some beads to make the collar. All you provide are the Delica beads, and whatever you want to use in the strap.

Pattern Price: $25 + s/h

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