Who says all dragons are evil and nasty?

The concept for Farouche came into being one night at dinner in a restaurant. Needless to say the concept sketch was on the back of a napkin! I had read that Caravan Beads was hosting a contest for Miyuki Company that makes Delica beads. The theme was “Mythical”; since I love dragons it was just a hop, skip, and a jump to the dragon idea. I wanted her to hang around my neck but wasn't sure how to make that work at first. I had been watching a TV show called "Millennium" and the idea of the snake grasping it’s own tail appealed to me. When wearing Farouche I can lay her beak over her tail because I created a groove in the back of her beak that would hold onto her tail. People wonder how I get Farouche over my head until I show them the secret!

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