Marleena Amulet Bag

Marleena Amulet Bag

The idea for Marleena spun off from a comment made about beaded headdresses. A picture of an old time movie star out of the '20s kept creeping into my mind and wouldn’t go away until I sketched it down on the back of an envelope.

Many of my ideas start out on the back of an envelope, the back of a sales receipt, or the back of a napkin in a restaurant. I’m usually in a jam when the restaurant has linen napkins!!! This is why I always try to carry a small notebook in my purse, you never know when inspiration will hit! Needless to say my inspirational muse has now decided that 'shower time' is a great time to strike!

This pattern requires just 16 colors of beads!

Pattern Price: $15 + s/h

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This beadwork pattern and finished beadwork Copyright 2000 Christina Manes.
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