Tubular Beads

Small Beaded Tubular Beads

You've seen these beaded beads in the straps of several finished A Muse Ink bags, such as Carousel, Mardi Gras, Marleena, and the Christmas Stocking. Now you can get the pattern to make them yourself!

The pattern set for the tubular beads includes closeup photo and patterns for two designs. You also get the "core kit" to make two beads.

This "core kit" has two aluminum tubes to wrap the beads around, and four brass-finish beads for the end pieces. Extra "core kits" are available, but you can just as easily buy the parts locally. You will need tube with 1/8 inch OUTER diameter, cut to 1 3/8 inches length. Then use beads of your choice at the ends of the finished tubular bead.

The price of Tubular Bead Pattern is $7.50, and extra core kits are 50ยข.

Purchase Tubular Bead Pattern - $7.50
Purchase Tubular Bead Core Kit - $0.50

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This beadwork pattern and finished beadwork Copyright 2000 Christina Manes.
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