I grew up in the mid-west, got married and moved to Germany. While living in Germany we travelled quite a lot to other countries. My exposure to different styles of art was unlimited! I studied many different forms of art from private instructors while I was in Germany. It was while I was there that I was introduced to chalk pastels, which soon became my medium of choice. I am currently working on a series of 'paintings' which I hope to get published.

I have been fond of beads as far back as my great grandmother's hair net (how many of you remember those beaded hairnets?!). I was making daisy rings and earrings in Junior High to sell to classmates, doing loom work, and other stitches, and beading on clothing. During High School I continued collecting different beads but didn't really do any more beading except for stringing an occasional necklace for myself. Artwork had taken over all other interests. When we moved to Rapid City, South Dakota I was reintroduced to beadwork all over again. I had not planned on beadwork becoming such a big part of my life but as we all know, it just takes on a life of it's own!

My work is not as surrealistic as some people's work but then I'm more of a graphic artist by nature and by experience. I have not worked from photographs or any one else's artwork. I prefer to work from my imagination. The real challenge for me is to sit down with paper and pencil and just be inspired by music that is playing or perhaps something that someone has said. I never know when my Muse will inspire me. Sometimes my sketches will wind up on the back of a restaurant place mat or a napkin until I get home to my desk. Many a waitress has given me funny looks when I carefully fold a pile of napkins or a place mat and put them into my purse!

I also don't feel it's necessary to list all of my accomplishments and awards. I do have a large box full of ribbons and plaques, but as an art teacher of mine once said, "Let your work speak for itself, and keep your mouth shut!" I think that the best award I can receive is when someone like you loves my work!

Well, there is one thing I'd like to mention. I did enter Caravan Beads' "Delica Challenge" in 2000, and won First Place in the Jewelry category with a little piece I call "Farouche". It's a three-dimensional work that causes quite a stir whenever people see it.

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