Carousel Amulet Bag

Carousel I Amulet Bag

Carousel Horse was designed after I had seen a bag that someone else had made but it had very tiny stick figure horses on it. I thought it was a shame that all of the other details that you normally see on a carousel could not be shown on such a tiny bag. I had wanted to do a close up painting of a carousel horse for many years but hadn’t gotten around to it. Doing a close up on a beaded bag was the solution to both problems, well almost; I still want to do the close up painting...someday!

This pattern requires just 9 colors of beads!

Pattern Price: $15 + s/h

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This beadwork pattern and finished beadwork Copyright 2000 Christina Manes.
"A Muse Ink" and the dancing figure are trademarks of A Muse Ink. The dancing figure Copyright 2000 Christina Manes. All rights reserved.